Land Management

This land management programme is a partnership programme to secure the connectivity and integrity of ecosystem of protected area in the priority corridors and Mega Biodiversity Corridor. The partnership programme promote the sustainable management of the plantation and forest ecosystem, so that the important ecological corridor within the landscape ecosystem could be secured and restored.

In this programme, the following activities will be carried out

• Consultation with plantations and other land owners to develop a joint-management programme to identify and manage land parcels for wildlife and biodiversity corridors;
• Identify and agree on common Best Management Practices to manage the land parcels, in parallel with the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Vision;
• Integrate Community Development Programmes to support the restoration programme;
• MOU on partnership with the identified key oil palm companies and forest managers/owners and local community programme to support a 10-20 years of joint-venture management plan;
• Field survey and ground truthing to verify boundary of key land parcel and current vegetation cover in plantation area;
• Key ecological corridors is managed, based on the guideline stated in the management plan and MOU;
• Technical and financial report on joint-management programme for important corridor is prepared annualy, and submitted to relevant programme partners.