Land Procurement

This programme required several action that need to be carried out in order to secure land parcels in the priority corridors with the collaboration between government sectors, private sectors and NGOs.

The step by step actions include

• Prepare ToR for ground truthing work (verify boundary and documentation);
• Request-apply funding from relevant state and federal government agencies to implement ground trotting;
• Field survey and ground truthing to verify boundary of key land parcel, current vegetation cover, and status of land ownership;
• Consultation with land owners to secure wildlife and biodiversity corridors;
• Development of Database Information System
• Consultation with relevant state and federal government agencies to enforce relevant enactments/policy that could be used to re-secure important corridor such as riparian reserve;
• Preparation of cabinet paper showing location of key land parcel for wildlife corridor re-establishment and estimated budget to acquire the land;
• Preparation of development plan and budget allocation to re-locate the community settlement that is presently living at the bottlenecks area;
• Cabinet paper to be presented to the Cabinet for approval of the budget and ground implementation.
• Once approved, process in securing back the land corridors will follow the guideline or action plans that is stated in the cabinet paper.
• BCT Japan is currently continue to carry our fund raising campaign to purchase any land that is available during the period 2014-2016, based on the above database;