The following table summarizes the previous and current project based on 6 key programmes.

 No  Project Title  Status  Project Cost 
       Land Procurement Programme (Green Corridor Programme)
  1  Land Procurement  through land purchase  20 parcels of land are purchase(120.67 acres)       RM1,600,000
       Land Management Programme
 2  5 artificial bridges for  orang-utans and other  primates were  established  Bridge 1, 2, 3, 4  and 5(Menanggol,  Resang, Pin,  Takala) Funded by BCT Japan
 3 Melapi-Yu Kwang Corridor (500 meters x 50 meters)The corridor allows the smooth movement of around 300 Bornean elephants between Lots 1, 3 and 4 of the Wildlife Sanctuary. Syarikat Yu Kwang Development Sdn. Bhd. and Proboscis Lodge Bukit Melapi, created a migratory paths for the elephants.      RM10,000
 4 Tree planting programme with local communities to enhance degraded wildlife sanctuary (Lot 8) – (30 Ha) Tree Planting programme (17,800 trees) is completed in Dec 2012      RM380,000
 5 Tree planting programme with local communities to enhance degraded wildlife sanctuary (Lot 9 and 10) – (100 Ha) Tree Planting programme (48,000 trees) is completed in july 2013     RM488,000
 6 163 acres of forest land is secured and managed as an elephant corridors and orang-utan sanctuary by Myne Resort The forest land allows the movement of the elephants and also key habitat for orang-utans. The area is now used for awareness programe and also for research activities.
      Enforcement Programme
 7 Honorary Wildlife Warden training programme was carried out for KTS Plantations S/B 20 people was trained, and now patrolling and enforcement is in progress.     RM40,000
     Awareness Programme
 8 In 2009, Funded by MPOC, the Orang-utan Colloquium 2009 (OUCC2009). Resolutions are adapted and submitted to Sabah Wildlife Department.    RM800,000
 9 Since 2007, several study tours and awareness talks were regularly organised for visitors from Japan Average 200 visitors from Japan is brought by BCT Japan annually. Funded by BCT Japan and covered by participants.
 10 Training on “Wildlife Conservation and Management for Plantation Managers” conducted incalloboration with MPOB (2011-2012) 30 oil palm managers were trained in general wildlife conservation    RM25,000
     Scientific Research Programme
 11 An aerial assessment of the orangutan in the palm oil plantation (2009). Survey report was submitted to MPOC and SWD for management purposes.    RM300,000
Funded by MPOC
 12 A three-year wildlife research and monitoring programme (2011-2014) in Segaliud Lokan FR. 2012 and 2013 Annual Reports are submitted. RM570,000
Funded by KTS Plantation Sdn. Bhd.
      Ex-situ Elephant Management Programme
 13 Support for Elephant Rescue Operations Funding are used to rescue several elephants. Funded by Saraya and Hunting World.
 14 Donation of Elephant Rescue Crate Equipments are used to rescue several elephants. RM180,000
Funded by BCT Japan
 15 The first phase of the BES was completed and handed over to Sabah Wildlife Department on 19 September, 2014 1 paddock, 1 staff quarter and 1 Storage cconstruction work completed.Upgrading is in progress (water supply)