Vision & Mission


BCT Vision is “Working in harmony with Nature with all stakeholders for a viable Bornean populations of priority species within the Sabah Mega Biodiversity Corridor”.


“BCT’s mission is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders, such as the plantation companies and timber producers as well as local communities by engaging them into conservation and sustainable development programme in order to ensure the viability of the forest ecosystem and biodiversity could be achieved and at the same time support any climate change mitigation measures for future generation.”


🔷 Flagship species population in the Green Corridor habitats are drastically less threatened by forest degradation, fragmentation and conversion.

🔷 Connectivity in Green Corridor is improved and sustainably managed by certified plantation developers and forest managers in line with the vision of Sabah Development Corridor in conservation of biodiversity.

🔷 The socio-economic status of the local communities in the Green Corridor is improved and live in harmony with the diverse biodiversity and wildlife.


🔷 Coordinate and implement a strategic conservation plan and relevant research activities that will assist the identification and implementation of management measures and best management practices to prevent further habitat degradation, fragmentation and forest habitat conversion.

🔷 Reconnect forest habitats that are isolated with larger forest landscape through strategic land acquisition as well as by forging partnerships with land owners for the sustainable management and restore its ecological function.

🔷 Enhance awareness of key stakeholders and strengthen efforts that will ensure the ecological connectivity of the forest habitats in Sabah Mega Biodiversity Corridor is achieved sustainably.