Vision & Mission

VISION: BCT Vision is “Viable populations of global priority species live in harmony with human being in a functioning and sustainably managed Sabah Mega Biodiversity Corridor Landscape, and supported by all level of industries who are utilizing the natural resources in economically and sustainably manner”.

MISSION: “BCT’s mission is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders, such as, the plantations companies and timber producers as well as local communities by engaging them into conservation and sustainable development programme in order to ensure the viability of the forest ecosystem and biodiversity could be achieved and at the same time support any climate change mitigation measures for future generation.”

By year 2030
• Flagship species population in the Green Corridor habitats are no longer threatened by forest degradation, fragmentation and conversion.
• Connectivity in Green Corridor is improved and sustainably managed by certified plantation developers and forest managers as to support the vision of Sabah Development Corridor in biodiversity conservation.
• The socio-economic status of the human communities in the Green Corridor is improved and live in harmony with diverse biodiversity and wildlife.

1. Coordinate and implement a strategic conservation plan and relevant research activities in order to assist the identification and implementation of management measures and best management practices to prevent further habitat degradation, fragmentation and forest habitat conversion.
2. Reconnect forest habitats that are isolated with larger forest landscape through strategic land acquisition including partnerships with land owners to manage the land sustainably and restore its ecological function.
3. Enhance awareness of the key stakeholders in order to strengthen the effort to ensure the ecological connectivity of the forest habitat in Sabah Mega Biodiversity Corridor is achieved sustainably.
1. Land Procurement Programme (Green Corridor) to implement a strategic fund raising programme and efforts with the aims to purchase and acquire important land parcels that is important for biodiversity and wildlife corridors.

2. Land Management Programme to establish partnership with key stakeholders (plantations, forest managers, tour operators, local communities and private sectors), with the aim to joint-manage the land sustainably and restore its ecological function.

3. Capacity Building Programme for all stakeholders especially in law enforcement and biodiversity enhancement in order to protect and prevent further forest habitat degradation and fragmentation.

4. Awareness Programme for the plantation industries, forest management industries, local communities and all people in order to strengthen the support to implement environmental and biodiversity conservation activities in Sabah Mega Biodiversity Corridor.

5. Research and Monitoring Programme with international and domenstic research agencies with the aim to ensure conservation programme in Sabah will be continued and pioneered by local Malaysians.

6. Borneo Elephant Sanctuary Programme with the support from stakeholders and agencies to demonstrate a sustainable approach to cater species conservation programme in Sabah.