First Distance Environmental Education Programme (DEE) Session With Japanese and Sabahan Primary Schools

The first session of the Distance Environmental Education (DEE) Programme took place over
Zoom at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park on 21th May 2022. This was a collaboration between BCT,
Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD), BCT Japan, Asahiyama Zoo, Toyohashi Zoo, and Hirakawa
Zoo for students from Malaysia and Japan to learn together about Bornean Elephants, palm
oil plantations, and the effects of human-elephant conflict.

During the session, the students watched younger Bornean Elephants at Lok Kawi Wildlife
Park and learned about some of the reasons these elephants needed to be rescued and
relocated. They also had the opportunity to watch Indian Elephants at Toyohashi Zoo.

The students also learned about the struggles which both humans and elephants face when
conflict arises and were encouraged to think about how we can handle these issues in the
future. This programme was planned for more than two years but had to be delayed due to
the COVID-19 pandemic.